LSS 30MW Bidor, Perak


Project : Interconnection facility generation of 30MWac from PV solar farm to TNB grid.

Site location : Bidor Perak, Malaysia

Start Date : October 2017

Completion Date : October 2018

Scope of work :

Establishment of interconnection facility from solar PV plant to TNB grid. The works include:

  • Engineering design for electrical (primary and secondary equipment);
  • 132kV overhead line Loop-In Loop-Out (LILO) to TNB grid;
  • Procurement and installation of primary and secondary medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) equipment;
  • Telecommunication equipment;
  • Reconfiguration of remote end TNB substations;
  • Site Acceptance Test per TNB specification and Grid Code test (GCT)
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